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Backseat Pet Covers are AMAZING!

Do you have pets or kids?  I have 3 dogs who shed, slobber and practically turn everything into a mud pit.  I came across this great back seat cover and it has completely changed my life!  I spent the afternoon completely detailing every nook and cranny in my Nissan Rogue and trust me, that took hours.  Then I proceeded to install this handy backseat pet cover.  The concept and design is great.  It has a rubber backside so that it sits against the cloth seats without moving too much.  It does come with handles that I shoved between the seat and the back for extra grip.  The straps to hold to the headrests are adjustable, however on the one I received, there were two buckles and no inserts so I had to put new buckles on.  Took me about 5 minutes to remove and replace them and I had some at home in my craft bucket.  The seat cover completely covers the backseat and the floor area so that fur, slobber and other debris doesn’t accumulate on the seats, the floor or anywhere else.  You can still use the seatbelts and if you have to haul kids, just unhook the clips off the front seat and leave the rest as is!  Helps prevent spills on cloth seats from messy children too!

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