Declutter like a BOSS!


Finding time to declutter is almost impossible between work, kids, pets and any other variety of activities.  In  order to delutter, you need to focus.  I have scheduled the time to clean my house and with all the best intentions I have started the task.  However, about 2 hours in, I find myself distracted and the mess becomes a landfill of misplaced items and then the whole thing is shoved to the corner for another day, that never comes.

Here’s some things that I have found to work for those of us that get distracted easily and they help you declutter fast.  Please use these ideas as they fit your schedule and adjust as needed.  The goal is to get rid of things you no longer need, use or want.  This will leave your rooms clean, more organized and give you more time for the things you enjoy.


  • Put away any shoes, jackets, misc. items that don’t belong
  • Throw away any trash (receipts, gum wrappers, etc. that collect in the key bin, if you have one)
  • Get rid of any broken decor or dead plants (a good time to change decor, if you want)

Hall Closet:

  • Throw out any shoes or jackets that have holes
  • Donate any shoes, jackets, hats that no longer fit or you don’t wear
  • Sweep out the closet, wipe down any shelves


  • Clean out the shower of all empty bottles, dull razors, hair clogs, misc toys and items.  Restock what is needed.
  • Empty all old medicines from cabinets (dispose properly), empty bottles, expired over the counter items (dispose of properly)
  • Throw out any old makeup, broken brushes, old hair ties, dull razors, old toothbrushes.
  • Go through all cabinets and drawers and straighten up.
  • Give the bathroom a good scrub, and you’re done


I hate a dirty kitchen so I tend to approach the kitchen when I have the most energy.  I take EVERYTHING from the cabinets and drawers all at once.  I run ALL dishes through the dishwasher while I am doing everything else.

  • Empty cabinets of dishes, throw away anything that is broken, missing lids
  • Wipe out drawers and shelves.  Put items back in the cabinets in an organized manner.
  • Anything you don’t want or use (dishes, small appliances, etc) put in a box to donate
  • Wipe down all cabinet fronts to remove grease and fingerprints.
  • Throw away old, expired food from spice rack and pantry.
  • Empty fridge and wipe down.  Throw away any expired food.
  • Pull out fridge and stove and clean behind them (make sure to get the sides)
  • Finally, wipe down all counter tops and clean the floor

Living/Family Room:

  • Lift all couches and chairs to retrieve any small objects from under them (good time to vacuum under as well)
  • Go through all movies and discard any that are scratched and are unviewable
  • Go through any toys that are stored in these rooms and throw away or donate any that are broken or not played with anymore
  • Empty any trash cans, collect all dirty dishes, dirty clothes and put where they belong
  • Dust and vacuum


I tackle the bedrooms much like I do the kitchen.  EVERYTHING comes out of the closets, dressers and any other storage areas in the room.

  • Go through away the clothes and discard any that have holes, stains, stretched too much
  • Donate any that are too small/too big, not your style, or that you no longer wear
  • A good rule of thumb is to hang all clothes with the hangers bacwards.  Once you wear something, hang it in the closet with the hanger facing the right way.  After about 6 months, any hangers that are still backwards, those should be donated since they have not been worn
  • Organize shoes on the floor of the closet or in shoe holders.
  • Place any folded clothes in dresser in designated drawers (socks, underthings, shorts, etc)

Linen Closets:

  • Discard any towels, sheets that have holes or no longer fit your current bed needs.
  • Fold all towels and bedding in neat stacks and place on closet shelves in categories.

All that’s left to do is a good dust of the whole house and clean the floors.  That wasn’t so bad now was it?

Helpful tip: Once a month, just do a quick sweep of the whole house looking for items that aren’t in their proper place.  Put them where they belong and that’s less you’ll have to do next time.



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