We all have to start somewhere, right?  Allow me to introduce myself and give you a sneak peek into the wonderful chaos that is my life.  My name is Christina and I am what we like to call “military brat”.  My parents were military and I got to travel every 3-4 years.  I have 1 sister who is younger.  I went through a divorce in 2011 and am now married to an amazing man who is supportive and who does his best to keep me from burning holes in my shoes!  He is a firefighter and the one person I can count on no matter what.  He gives me hope, shares my dreams, makes me laugh and is there to hold me when I cry.  We have no “human children” but we do have 3 wonderful, energetic dogs who are a constant source of entertainment.
I have worked the full-time job (60+ hours a week).  I have ventured out on my own and started a successful housecleaning business of my own (after being told it wouldn’t work)…..AHEM!  I gifted that to a very loyal employee after it became too much to handle with medical issues.  I started a pet care business during the time I was running the housecleaning business and although I have scaled that down tremendously, I still love those silly pups and love running into them around town strutting their stuff.  Now, I work part-time at several jobs and make my own schedule according to when I feel like it!
Having no set schedule is great until someone throws a monkey wrench in your day and you find yourself going 100 miles an hour (not literally!) to play catch up on all the things you have to get done that day.  No wonder, I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!!!
Meet the resident fur kids who provide hours of endless entertainment: Tank, Zio and Harley.  They run this house, and make sure their humans are in line at all costs!  This includes daily schedules for everything from waking up to going to bed.  They are even in charge of when we are just supposed to be lazy and stay in bed!  Trust me….you don’t ever want to make a boxer mad!  The right hook is absolutely painful!
I am glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy the ride with me.  Feel free to drop me a line or two anytime,  I even accept gifts of sugar….that’s the only way to keep this rollercoaster going!!!!!!